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Time to Draw Breath… Roll on 2017

It has been a busy motorcycle rental season for us at Motobox UK and I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to all our customers!

We have had great fun delivering and collecting both customers and hire motorbikes all over the south of England and welcoming people to our premises from every corner of the UK plus France, Spain, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, Thailand, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Our bikes have criss crossed the UK and Europe visting some of the biggest motorcycle events of 2016 such as the IOM TT and many European rounds of WorldSBK plus festivals and concerts taking amazing roads that make the journey as important as the destination.

Everyone who’s hired a motorcyle from Motobox UK have returned with a huge smile and stories of their adventures that will have created lasting memories, we hope to see many of you again in 2017.

So as the November chill arrives we are busy looking at increasing our hire fleet for 2017 and working alongside both established motorcycle training and touring companies to offer additional services. If you are thinking of hiring a motorcycle then please get in touch and we will answer any questions or queries.

And remember, we offer Gift Vouchers in any denomination from just £10.00. Whether you want to give a Birthday or Christmas present that will create a great memory please get in touch and we will supply a presentation voucher.

Bike Shed London 2016 – 28th & 29th May

It’s that time of year again when the best bike show of the year is back hosted by Bike Shed Motorcycle Club at London’s stunning Tobacco Dock about ten minutes walk from Tower Bridge.

They show around 150 custom motorcycles from the new wave custom scene, plus art, photography, quality gear and apparel, set in great surroundings with quality food, a proper bar and coffee, plus a four-chair barbershop and three top-tier tattooists.

We had a ride up last year and the whole event was excellent…we’ll be visiting again this year!!

Full details can be found on their website http://thebikeshed.cc/bike-shed-london-2016/

Musings from a Summer Tour

So, a guy I’m pleased to call a friend has been riding around France, Italy and Switzerland this summer on his fantastic Ducati Diavel writing daily updates to us back in Blighty wishing we were there. He has kindly agreed that I can share a few of his daily musings, some on the people and fellow bikers he met and some on the roads travelled (I trust you don’t mind that I’ve censored a few words Kev!), I hope you enjoy………

It’s true, I’m having a ball, only thing occasionally missing is the ‘right kind’ of company to share the experience with. Certainly – there is a big difference between being ”alone and lonely”, I’m never lonely (ok will admit to 5% of melancholic thoughts when drunk and solo) and very well adjusted to my own company. I think unless you spend time alone you never truly understand or explore the animal you really are?

So far I’ve met some dumb, arrogant and insecure f….ers on this trip, but the majority seem to be decent humans living their life as they choose it to be and with some degree of awareness and consideration of their surroundings and of those around them. Sadly, I have too many good friends with recent health scares (I selfishly wish them all the time in the world as I have not spent enough time with them) and for me this puts things into the correct perspective with how to spend time. Not living like this is your last day on the planet, but smelling the roses along the journey is paramount. I have no time for some of the few (LOUD) self absorbed tw..s I have seen.

Some notes from yesterday at Rendezvous Moto before I left this fine morning.

Couple of farmers from Holland have just left Lunas. Funny guys, one with a diversion 900 the other a black ninja 750 minus the fairing. Farmers are a breed apart. One of them had his sat nav silicone glued to a piece of wood which in turn was somehow glued to the tank. They both left in the pouring rain wearing jeans and old leather jacket. No waterproofs? Big smile on their faces when they left. They had the overall appearance and demeanour of 2 drunks (even when sober). That’s a guess by the way as I didn’t see them consume beer at breakfast but its possible they had a secret stash!

Met some ‘patched’ riders too. To ‘cool’ to make eye contact or say ”bonjour’ to anyone not wearing their ‘creed’ on the back of their jackets in what looked like ‘brand new” stitched badges. They must lead a narrow minded, insular life. T…ers!!. Thankfully they were the minority. Most I have met have seemed quiet, humble people with no need to be the centre of attention, talk over everyone with unbelievable stories of their exploits or just generally brag about their personal biking heroics, (hope I’m not doing that). The quieter ones that first seemed aloof, when they have opened up and started talking have done some amazing things and make my travels look like a trip to the shops and back.. Some English (from Tiverton) guys have left too, not that I spoke with them to much, I enjoyed the banter with the French, Dutch and Belgium bikers.,

Sitting by the fast moving, talking river behind the campsite, I have just said goodbye to ‘Case’ from Holland. Lol, he looked about 70+ (but was probably a lot younger) like a cross between an ailing ‘Neil Young’ and the lead role on the ghost train at the fairground. Yellow teeth, 6ft 2”, maybe 12 stone, scruffy black leathers, V2 patch on back of his jacket, proper ”Rocker ”style. This man has traveled many miles, physically and metaphorically. Visited Scotland 3 times as well as most of Europe. ‘Rock On’ – Case

Quick note abut the food at my previous stop Rendezvous Moto, Christine’s food was some of the best cooking I’ve tasted, the beef bourgignon was excellent, as were all the dishes but that was my fave. Many of you will know I like a good Burger…I can safely assert that the burger I had at R-Moto was the best I have ever had, couldn’t believe it and am quite upset I will have to wait till at least next summer to have another. This new site (Le Camping Moto) seems ok but haven’t really been here long enough to have an informed opinion apart from noticing their measures of Jack D are smaller here.

If your appetite has been whetted for a blast in Europe, even if only to try the best burger….ever! but don’t have a suitable bike, then Motobox UK can hire you a Triumph Tiger or 1050 Sport including full luggage, fully comprehensive insurance and RAC cover.

We’re Moving!

After a successful year based near the famous motor racing circuit of Brands Hatch, Motobox UK are moving to the country.

Our new headquaters will be on the edge of the Ashdown Forest just outside the village of Hartfield, the area is well known as the setting for A.A Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh where locations in the stories can be linked to real places in and around the forest.

This new location is just 30 miles south of London with quick and easy links to both the airports and sea port of Dover but now we can boast to be within some of the best biking roads in the south east and with the stunning scenery of the High Weald……the perfect location to start your biking adventure.

We are moving over the May Day bank holiday weekend and will be operational in our new premises by 5th May 2015.