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Goodbye Puncture, Hello Bike-Seal

17 July 2017

‘There’s a nail in the tyre…’ this was a phrase that I always dreaded! Sods Law invariably meant that the motorbike with the nail in the tyre was due out on hire, a panicked rush would ensue to get the tyre either safely repaired or replaced before the customer arrived.

However, due to a recent visit with a mate on his new Yamaha MT07 to the Bike Shed in London’s Tobacco Dock the puncture nightmare I’d faced on a weekly basis ended for me. He casually bought in to conversation over breakfast (Blackheath Tea Hut never disappoints) that he’d installed Bike-Seal into his tyres ‘It’s the original stuff and fantastic, stops me worrying that I’ll get a puncture!’ ‘What’s that?’ I said…

So, I’ve been riding bikes for the thick end of 30 years and for the past 3 years have run Motobox UK Motorcycle Rental & Sales and although I knew about the various slimes and gunk that you could pump in to a punctured tyre to get you home or to a tyre repair shop I hadn’t heard of a puncture prevention product.

Roll forward a month or so and we are now retailers and installers of Bike-Seal and every motorcycle on our hire fleet run with the puncture prevention system installed….we love it and our customers can tour UK and Europe safe in the knowledge that a puncture won’t spoil their trip.

If you want to protect yourself from 95% of punctures with the treaded area of your motorbikes tyres, you need Bike – Seal. It works… Permanently.

A unique Puncture Prevention System. Seals up to 15mm punctures permanently. One 500 ml bottle fully protects 1 large Motorcycle (2 Tyres)

Installation of the product gives the following benefits:

  • Protects tyres from 95% of tread area punctures
  • Seals punctures up to 15mm
  • Stops most rim and bead leaks and slow punctures permanently
  • Protects tyres for legal life of tyre
  • Greatly reduces possibility of catastrophic failure
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Mechanical not chemical process
  • -35 c freezing point
  • On road/off road
  • No distance/speed restrictions
  • Tube/tubeless
  • Eco friendly
  • TPMS compatible
  • No shelf life/expiry

Easy self application. Complete with telescopic delivery cap (also extension tubing if required), and valve core removal key. Full instructions on carton and label.

(Please note some right angle valves can be problematic, so dealer installation is recommended).