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For Sale Triumph Daytona 675, 2009 Model

6 March 2015

I bought this bike just before Christmas as I was feeling flush and wanted a bike that I could personally use on road but mainly as a track bike for the 2015 season. However, SWMBO has unfortunately decided that a number of home improvements need doing this Spring so to keep the marital harmony intact […]

Solo or Group?

17 February 2015

This winter seems to be dragging more than usual but light and warmth is (hopefully) not that far away. I posted on Twitter (@motoboxuk.wpengine.com) that Spring 2015 starts on Friday 20th March….that’s 31 days away…roll on I say. For me riding is an escape, the dark winter months can interupt this…..pulling on my helmet takes […]

Less bhp can (sometimes) mean more smiles

26 January 2015

motorcycling on a nice empty road

The days are still short and the temperature well, its cold… in fact this week it is tyre shredding cold but if you are anything like me, and the other few hardy souls I ride with, if it’s the weekend and the forecast is anything but torrential rain, snow or hail we will be in […]